2016 Exam Report

More and more students have become digitally literate.

Microsoft Digital Literacy – Intro to computers
Microsoft Office Specialist – Word
Intel Easy Steps
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“We believe LeadChange will be able to tap into the lives of the Disabled and so explore and address more issues which make up secondary objectives.”

LeadChange Developments

Who We Are

LeadChange Developments is a non-profit company, with a goal to empower individuals living with a disability with professional computer skills at no cost to the beneficiary.

LeadChange Developments was founded by Shaun Soko in March 2011, a young IT professional who sought to give back to the community on a part-time basis. The need for such a service grew so much that offering it part-time was not enough, partnering with Senzo Mbonambi (Blind) a Software Developer, had the company register in August 2015. Other members include Mfundo Sithole and Nosipho Takayi (Scoliosis). The main objective of the company is to provide various opportunities for persons with disability. One of the biggest challenges faced by our beneficiaries is commuting from one city to another for quality training.

Our Objectives

  • Computer career orientated training
  • Awareness
  • Counselling
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Sport development
  • Employment
  • Accommodation
  • Arts


From the three exam sittings the past year 2016, more and more students have become digitally literate as seen in the high numbers of students passing Microsoft Digital Literacy (Introduction to computers). This course has equipped learners with basic IT knowledge and they are starting to take advantage of information received as seen in them preferring electronic mail to postal, being active on social platforms, making informed decisions when purchasing digital equipment and security considerations as well.

Not only did we succeed in educating the learners but we have created a friendly environment where one can express his/her personal concerns without the fear of being discriminated. We are faced with a challenge of learners not having a social life due to the nature of their disability, they are kept indoors away from society on the basis of protection against victimization.

With the increasing numbers of student enrollees, we have appointed 2 students as Tutors whom we are grooming to become qualified Lecturers, i.e. Theo Mokoto – Male (Epileptic) and Dineo Madile – Female (Blind).

Meet Our Team

LeadChange Developments

Join Our Team

Shaun T. Soko

Executive Director

Senzo K. Mbonambi

Assistant Executive Director

Mfundo Sithole

Marketing Manager

Nompumelelo L. Moyo


Nosipho Takayi


Tebogo A. Poopedi

Braille Instructor

Mfundo Shusha

ICT Trainer

Dineo Madile

ICT Tutor

Theo Mokoto

ICT Tutor