2017 Success Story

Exams Passes

Occupational Health Safety and Environment US 74269
Microsoft Digital Literacy (Intro to Computer)
International Computer Driving License
First Aider / Fire Fighter

One class with learners on different levels of understanding had to sharing the same class, this forced Facilitators to develop a method that made sure the group was on the same page come examination day. Bringing lower level learners up to speed was made possible by grouping and assigning tutors to specific groups and this method directly benefited the intellectually impaired learners as a task given was solved amongst members of a group.

Lack of funds meant learners had go straight for an exam without under-going a practice test provided by ICDL for a fee, this in-itself did not guarantee positive results. However, facilitators had to develop multiple preparatory assessment tests before having a learner attempt an exam.

National Certificate in Occupational Health Safety and Environment material was designed in a format suitable for people with sight and functional hand movement. This posed a challenged to blind learners and those with limited hand movement. Excluding such learners from the program would have been in the lines of discrimination, so material was uploaded into computers with speech synthesis software for the blind and modified keyboards, mouse and tables for those with limited hand movement was used. Completed POE’s were printed out and submitted for assessing and moderation.


From the three exam sittings the past year 2016, more and more students have become digitally literate as seen in the high numbers of students passing Microsoft Digital Literacy (Introduction to computers). This course has equipped learners with basic IT knowledge and they are starting to take advantage of information received as seen in them preferring electronic mail to postal, being active on social platforms, making informed decisions when purchasing digital equipment and security considerations as well.

Not only did we succeed in educating the learners but we have created a friendly environment where one can express his/her personal concerns without the fear of being discriminated. We are faced with a challenge of learners not having a social life due to the nature of their disability, they are kept indoors away from society on the basis of protection against victimization.

With the increasing numbers of student enrollees, we have appointed 2 students as Tutors whom we are grooming to become qualified Lecturers, i.e. Theo Mokoto – Male (Epileptic) and Dineo Madile – Female (Blind).