We offer international recognised Microsoft computer qualifications

Microsoft Office Specialist Suite - Microsoft Technology Associate - Microsoft Digital Literacy - Internet Core Computing Certificate (IC 3 ) - Cisco IT Essentials etc.

LeadChange Developments

Non-profit company, with a goal to empower individuals living with a disability with professional computer skills at no cost to the beneficiary.

Our Objectives

We believe LeadChange will be able to tap into the lives of the Disabled and so explore and address more issues which make up secondary objectives.

Computer Training

For the better half of 2016 student to pc ratio was 1:3, students shared computers and this caused delays, frustration and drop-outs. First National Bank donated 30 top of the range computers as seen below.

To date we have over 60 students registered and receiving computer training on various programmes. Daily attendance is 25 – 30, with students attending twice or thrice a week. We have students coming from Limpopo, Pretoria, Mpumalanga, KZN and Eastern Cape. LeadChange does not have a residential place for its students yet. Out-of-town students are accommodated in the surrounding suburb closer to premises of study.

Awareness & Counselling

Persons with disability have a story to tell, this story informs the community of different types of disabilities. If this story is not shared, the stigma surrounding disability will never be eradicated and the disabled will continuously suffer from victimization. At LeadChange we make use of ceremonies such as Graduation and Mandela Day to inform the public. As seen in the picture Ms. Salome (Mobility Trainer) is demonstrating the use of a cane to members of the community. By demonstrating and making the public aware of equipment available for use by persons with disabilities helps parents and relatives realise that having a disability doesn’t mean one cannot live an independent life.

Healthy Lifestyle & Sport Development

Having a disability affects an individual’s psychological and mental well-being. Habits are altered and people tend to find comfort in different ways. Some eat unhealthy foods, e.g. fast foods purchased from restaurants because they cannot prepare food themselves due to the nature of disability. Others will find consolation on partaking in unhealthy habits. Exercising is one way that addresses the issue of obesity and ill-health and at LeadChange we have a one hour gym session from 3pm – 4pm.


LeadChange has successfully trained and appointed two students to become Tutors, this done in fulfilling its objective of providing employment to deserving beneficiaries namely Theo Mokoto (Epileptic) and Dineo Madile (Blind). Most employers find it expensive to hire disabled candidates and so LeadChange is committed to creating jobs within self with an environment suitable for different types of disabilities.

Collaboration with various stakeholders has led to LeadChange Developments and Kukhula Global Projects form a partnership that has seen 25 of LCD’s beneficiaries enrol on a 12 month learnership programme studying Business Administration and receiving a monthly stipend of R1700.00.


LeadChange does not have accommodation for learners yet.

Arts (Musical)

Not all our learners are interested in studying Information Communication Technology, for some the program is too complex. So we allow them to exercise their God given talents, and amongst the learners we have, there is a lady from the Eastern Cape (Viwe Pakati – Partially Sighted), she has a brilliant voice and is a vocalist to a band we are currently setting up.

Adult Based Education Training (ABET)

Education levels amongst persons with disability are very low, offering ABET to the learners is one way to improve learners levels.

LeadChange Developments

One of the biggest challenges faced by our beneficiaries is commuting from one city to another for quality training.

What People Say

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Mfundo Sithole

“ The only way we can let EVIL succeed is when we sit down & choose to do NOTHING! At Lead Change Developments we Simply live to Inspire and Lead the way to CHANGING peoples LIVES!. ”

Percy Kentron

“ This is a greate initiative what we need is sponsorship and support from mzanzi at large ”

Michael Phokela

“ Good initiative and a prosperous future. ”