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Poverty Alleviation, Counselling & Employement.
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Disability awareness
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We have customised our programs to ensure the content is relevant and addresses the development needs of all it’s respective beneficiaries no matter their Disability. Our training and development initiatives encompass a holistic approach with the aim of developing the person as a whole through exposure to leading edge knowledge, skills and thinking that awakens personal transformation.
International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
App Development with Swift Certification
IC3 Digital Literacy Certification
Adobe Certified Associate
Adobe Certified Expert
Autodesk Certified Professional
Autodesk Certified User
Communication Skills for Business
EC-Council Associate
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Intuit QuickBooks
Microsoft Certified Educator
Microsoft Office Specialist
Microsoft Technical Certifications
Microsoft Technology Associate
Unity Certified User

Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment Requirements

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Our experienced facilitators are capable of supporting different learning styles and creating cognitive conflict required for learning by encouraging participation, expression, experimentation and reflection on theoretical models and practical experiences.

The LeadChange Developments Integrated Leadership Model proposes that to change others, one has to change oneself first by accessing one’s spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, mental intelligence & physical intelligence.
LeadChange has a branch in Kagiso, Dobsonville and Protea South. Contact us to find out which branch is best for you.

Access to education is one of the basic rights to humanity and when exercised effectively it promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits, and there are a number of factors that when positively addressed education does not end up becoming a privilege.

The lack of special schools in disadvantaged communities coupled with lack of skilled Special Needs Teachers has gravely affected the disabled community to an extent that skills/gifts and talents invested in them go un-nurtured resulting in the system labelling the disabled “Good for nothing – Better recipients of grants”.

It takes professionals coming together to nurture such gifts thereby rewriting the chapter of Better recipients of grants. By this we say let the disabled be taught to use their skills to become economic contributors in the communities they live in.

LeadChange Developments seeks to make its presence known in all communities of South Africa by positively addressing the plight of the disabled firstly through education. Having successfully produced amazing results in Dobsonville Soweto (See success story) the organisation is therefore expanding its services to the communities of Mogale City.

The classroom shown is a twenty sit and learners disabilities are vast (Blind, Deaf, Cerebral Palsy and Physical Disabilities), these are all from the community of Kagiso. This effort was made successful through committed individuals from SAPS, Ward 7 Committee Members, Social Worker, jointly seating every Thursday for 3 months proposing for what is seen in the picture. The class was opened on 3 April 2017 and student numbers are increasing.

2332 Luthuli Street, Dobsonville, Soweto, 1836

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